A word From the President 



 Please let me introduce myself: My name is Peter Ripaldi, 

I am a resident of Hudson NH, owner of a camp and land in Stark NH. 

Along with my brothers, sisters, lifelong friends and numerous other family members.  We have enjoyed the good people and all that the central Coos County area has had to offer for over 10 years. We are active in the local Snowmobile clubs, ATV Clubs, Ski Areas, and make use of the beautiful rivers and lakes in the summer months. This atmosphere is great for outdoor recreational  fun and creates lasting memories that you can’t get from anywhere else. 

Several members of the long-standing Groveton Trailblazers Snowmobile Club including myself thought it was important to have our own ATV club, so we formed the “Northern Gateways Trails Club” to be stewards of our pristine landscape, help protect and maintain the trails in our area as well as protect the wishes of landowners and State Agencies. These people have been more than gracious for allowing the use of land for ATV Enthusiasts , without these generous Grants there would be no trail system for us to use. 

We would also like to thank all the surrounding ATV clubs who have taken an active role in acquiring and maintaining the trails that we currently ride on. Our main goal will be to work in conjunction with those clubs and the NH Trails Bureau to make a better trail system allowing opportunities for generations of people like us. 

As we all know, with a fragile local economy, it is important to try and attract people from all over and to bring commerce and new life to the area. We already have corporate sponsors as well as many individual sponsors and welcome any new entities that would like to join our club to help promote the few small local businesses still here and maybe attract new ones in the future. 

While I could not find an accurate number for ATV revenue,  a study on snowmobiling done by Plymouth State University sites an economic boost of over $586 Million dollars annually to the State of NH. Due to the use of UTV’s and changing climates, “All-Terrain Vehicles” are growing greater in popularity and will be the next big economic booster for small towns in Northern NH. So, help us do our part to keep this sport growing, while keeping it safe and friendly for riders, clubs, and landowners. 

We welcome any new member or sponsor to join our club and look forward to a great first year!! 


Peter Ripaldi